In Love With a Lumix - baffledlens

I have an admission to make. And it's not what you might think. As far as gear goes, I will shoot with just about anything (especially if you give it to me free to try out!). Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Leica, GoPro. SLR, DSLR, compact. It's all good. My admission is this: I am in love with a Lumix.

More specifically, I am in love with a Lumix compact, the LF1. Here's why: this little camera can do amazing things. It's not perfect, but is there a piece of gear that is? It sports full manual control, simultaneous RAW and JPG shooting with a 1/1.7" 12MP CMOS sensor and a 28-200mm equivalent F2.0-5.9 Leica lens. Oh, and ISO ranges from 80 to 12800. All of this weighing a mere 192g.

I can take this camera pretty much anywhere and get very good results. As I said, it has its limitations. I don't use it for skate work and obviously I miss the ability to use a prime lens, but apart from that I am well pleased with it. It performs well in a variety of conditions, and is rather unobtrusive when doing urban and street shooting.

This isn't a review of the LF1. I thought I would gush a bit and show you what it can do.


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