About BaffledLens - baffledlens

BaffledLens Photography ("BP") started in Houston, Texas, over a decade ago. Its humble proprietor first picked up a camera back in grade school, and has rarely been without one since. BP began out of a passion for skateboarding and a creative desire to capture and document the sport and skaters. The skate scene in Texas is not the skate scene in California, but it is no less vibrant and dynamic. So, from the skate parks and streets of the Heights and Montrose, things grew, and grew. Toss in a love of the outdoors and urban exploration, and you can see some of the influences at work at BP.

A great way to experience different cultures is to jump right in and live there, so you will now find BP in Calgary, Canada. The outdoor skate season in this part of Canada is just a little shorter than back in Texas (but Canadian skaters are resourceful and have taken over heated underground parking garages during the winter months), but there is snowboarding, which is something new for us.

At Baffledlens Photography we offer a range of portrait and documentary services. We can even be convinced to shoot a wedding or bar mitzvah, if asked nicely. Check us out. We'd love to meet y'all.